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 Why you need a

Primary Care Provider

A PCP primary purpose is to keep you healthier as you age. In the past, PCPs were commonly called family doctors and to this day address most of your healthcare needs. PCPs are trained to look at a broad differential of diagnoses. In other words, there are many possible diagnoses for one particular symptom; however, it is a PCP's job to listen and consider all the possibilities. In the event that you need a specialist, we will refer you to someone we know, trust and have a collaborative working relationship.

A few things that we will do for you

  • chronic disease management

  • acute care

  • diabetes management

  • weight management

  • depression and anxiety management

  • physical exams

  • sport participation physicals

  • DOT physicals

  • IUD placement and removal

  • PAP smears

  • wart and mole removal

  • ear lavages

  • abcess drainage

  • shave biopsies

  • STD testing

"Outstanding" - Christine N.

"I usually see Eva and today she is out of town. They worked me in to Genny's schedule. This is the best practice around." - Dana B.

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Family Medicine, PC

William G. Henderson, MD

Eva E. Houghton, CFNP

Amy J. Lozoya, CFNP

Lynn Padilla, CFNP

Genevieve R. Cardona, DNP, CFNP

Phillip Ma, CFNP

Jenise Rancher, CFNP


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